Any Location

Location Location again is more flexible because of the economical use of water. Water is recycled and not required to soak into the surrounding dry soils in low rainfall areas. I would not recommend to anybody in a very dry climate but it is feasible if a basic water supply can be established. Shadecloth greenhouses can reduce the evaporation and heat pressure on the produce. Or conversely plastic or glass houses can warm the environment for year round production of hardy crops. Our directory will eventually list some distributors of product in very marginal climatic areas who will of course grow to be experts in the field. Many of the distributers actually have a functional aquaponics installation on the premises so the prospective buyer can clearly see what is working and what effort is required to make it work. We will post a number of articles to this page detailing the day to day functioning of installations in a range of areas which interested parties can use as a guide to the practicality and productive capacity.