Aquaponics Importance


Well this is a big one. But if you are already on this site you probably have come because of the possibility of growing fresh vegetables or fruits. Which probably also means you are partial to some discussion about the merits of natural health. Well that is certainly what bought us here. A visit to a hydroponics store out of curiosity sparked absolute amasement when I saw the stuff they had growing using Aquaponics instead of hydroponics. Not that we found anything wrong with the traditional hydroponics, but the aquaponics had so many advantages. 

Minimal or no need for fertilisers was a big drawcard for me being alert to the problems caused by chemical fertilisers in the long run.

Growing a nice big pool full of fish was also a big incentive as again I am very partial to a feed of fish.

There are obvious limits according to the sise of the property available and the budget for installation of the equipment. Where I live fruits and vegetables are very expensive so a good crop of lettuce, celery, tomatoes and especially kale. is obviously worth many hundreds of dollars saved not to mention the quality compared to buying week old produce.

So the pages in this site are just a bit of background to the listing of business where you can buy the equipment to establish your own Aquaponics gardens. You are however welcome to comment and ask questions. Our main interest is health and we saw aquaponics as a major step in the right direction for many people seeking a healthy diet.