Organics is a major factor in the quest for health. 

It is that reasonable guarantee that the produce is unpoluted or as close as possible.

It is also the only real constraint to keep the big players from totally wrecking the food chain which humans would like to enjoy. Most food available from supermarkets is almost completely devoid of nutrients except the basic macronutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates. The micronutrients have been processed out of it. They are sensitive to heating, pumping and oxidation to mention a few of the basic parts of the process. Micronutrients are the food components which encourage healthy growth, bone, muscle and organ repair and regeneration. also each of the organs, lympth, glands and various brain functions need specific nutrients for their optimum function. 

For those who wish to eat raw foods which then are the most nutritious, organic is always top priority. One of the factors which is not often mentioned is the reactions between chemicals applied and within the fiber of the plant. very little is known about this and the amount of research being done on natural substances is very poor. 

Organic is also closer to nature than any other type of preparation. Aquaculture is a very natural form of growth, which uses the nitrogen waste created by the fish to nourish the plants. The plants then clean the water  to keep the fish healthy. So you get quality fish and organic produce from the same operation. The growth in the plants is exceptional.