1) First of all go to directory listing and click to add listing.
2) Then add listing editor will display and then enter the name of the listing you want.
3) After that you can insert the contents about your listing and then also insert media in the listing.
4) And then you can group you listing with the help of categories.
5) You can add a new category from the right side of the listing.
6) Enter the category name for your listing directory then after you can choose this category for your group.
7) Then you can publish your directory listing.
8) The listing will create and then you can view your listing.
9) After viewing the listing you must be need to setting up your listing i.e.
10) Select the edit where the author option from the list viewed.
11) You can again set the Listing title, categories, taglines, short description, tags keywords etc.
12) The most important step here that is listing pictures of website you want to list. Insert the website link into the website address.
13) You can also insert or set your location into the map.
14) Then after you can scroll down and then click to continue.
15) You can see the listing confirmation and the scroll down and then again click continues.
16) The listing process complete screen will displayed your listing is created successfully.