Quality is everything in edible garden produce and the important aspects here include specifically the absense of soil so no requirement for extensive cleaning of produce. here is one of the big difference between this and hydroponics. Often hydroponic lettuce for example although grown in a tiny amount of soil, will have extensive deposits of soil between the lower leaves. This is annoying to the user and often results in outer leaves being discarded, when they are theoretically the highest in raw nutrients.

The fish waste nutrient solution is also ideal as a growing medium and gives the produce a rich and vibrant appearance and feel. If this advantage is added to the low or absent pesticide usage it creates a wonderful and tasty product with a high nutritional value. 

The fish also are dynamic and virile in the ideal installation. if fed from above with food at regular times they will jump for the food and always appear very active despite the limited space in the tank. I did see a similar configuration with over a ton of fish in a two meter square tank and once again very active and apparently healthy. The siZe was a large plate siZe and the growth time from fingerling had been only six months. 

Much more to come