Range of Product


Rahge of product

Another major benefit of course is the range of product. It is possible to install the whole operation in a glasshouse, which means that crops can be grown in the cooler climates throughout the year and including many varieties typically restricted to the warmer climates. 

The important plants always include salad greens and dinner greens such as lettuce, kale, broccoli, rocket and chinese vegetables. Then the good old tomato and nutricious red capsicums to give a little color to the dish.

I was surprised to see some magnificent pawpaw trees in an installation in Perth, where it is very rare to see any tropical species. 

Fruit can include strawberries and allmost all other berries, grapes and other vine fruits. I imagine apple, pear and cherry trees along with citrus as being too big for the average aquaponics setup, so I am quietly waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

To keep the range pest free I have noticed use of Neem products is popular and of course they are generally organic or at least natural.